Our Warehouse Showroom is worth a visit. Not only will you get to meet us but you will also begin to see, for real, how we can get involved and help you get it right.

Perhaps the simplest way of putting it is that we take the time and make the effort. Not only to guide you through your project but to work to your target prices.

Our Large Stock is always on Display.

There is no real substitute for "touchy-feely" when it comes to fabrics. There is no real substitute for your own eyes to match that colour. The same is true for all the accessories too! The touch and feel and practicality of an item can only really be done in a showroom.

So that's why we have one!

  • Helpful Staff to Talk to
  • Constant New Designs Arriving
  • Large Range of Stock to Browse
  • Advice and Guidance
Samples, Site Visits and Verbal Estimates?

There is an old saying " If you don't ask, you don't get". We always try and accommodate any reasonable request and if you ask us, we will try!

Obviously, there will be occasions when, for whatever reason, we can't help but it won't be for the want of trying.



We know our on-line competition is tough. So we offer you "Warehouse Pricing" to match.

Some say "it can't be done! A showroom costs money so how can you compete with the big boys on the internet". The answer is quite simple. We just do!

Check us out and check out our pricing. We know we offer the best prices on a  "like for like" comparison with anyone.

useful tips

Don't be fooled by cheap quality.

A "like for like" comparison is just what it says. Anything can be made cheaply but this often involves inferior quality materials. Curtains can fade, shrink and sometimes fray. Blinds can fall to pieces. A curtain or Blind needs to last and offer value for money.

Over the years we've obviously had plenty of experience with all types of suppliers. Mistakes made in earlier years now guide us to the most reputable suppliers in the industry that fit the price/quality criteria we look for on your behalf..