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We offer an extensive range of fabrics and ready made curtains. See Ashley Wilde Design Collection and The Alan Symonds Portfolio. You can always visit our warehouse to see full range in our style books and on display.

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Lace Curtains

Lace curtains offer the finishing touches to any room Examples of our New Designs give you a glimpse of what we have available but please come and look through our style books to get a glimpse of the full range available.




For any Project...Large or Small

What makes the difference is the finish. Visit our Warehouse and touch, feel and see the real thing before you buy.

Understanding the range of accessories available to you is key to achieving what you want to achieve. Talk to us and we can help you pull it all together! Why take the chance of ordering from an online supplier when we can match the prices and actually show you what you're getting? Our design team can help you focus.